Month: March 2018

Learning About WordPress – My Experiences

As a new user of WordPress, I find myself quite curious about the many professional advantages that it can offer people who work in web and marketing occupations. In preparation for WordCamp San Diego 2018, I have decided to share some insight into what has motivated me to download and start learning about WordPress as a tool for personal marketing strategy and promotion. Something Had to Change Prior to learning about WordPress, the only web page-creation platform that I was accustomed to was Adobe Dreamweaver. I found that creating and uploading content in Dreamweaver was not without its pitfalls....

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Yoast SEO Certification: Achieved

If you’re into certification, you should be happy to know that I just received my Yoast SEO certification in WordPress from Yoast Academy. Launch Me Technologies can now proudly display the badge to the left on our website. We can also help those using the Yoast SEO plugin on their websites to achieve optimal search engine results. But SEO — that’s Search Engine Optimization in case you recently arrived on the planet — is not about a certificate or badge or what everyone with a website gets spammed about almost daily. (Please tell me I’m not the only one...

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Big Changes Coming in Website Security Requirements

In case you haven’t noticed, unsecured websites (those using HTTP:// rather than HTTPS:// at the beginning of the address) are already starting to generate warnings in certain browsers. If you manage one or more websites, considering website security in your overall strategic planning is more critical now than ever before. If you don’t know how to tell whether a website is secure, simply look at the address bar. For more detailed information, click on the icon to the left of the website’s domain name to see the security status as shown in the examples below: Example of unsecured website’s...

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This is NOT Our New Website (cont’d)

It’s funny how much I struggled and stressed over what kind of business to start here in California after my wife, Patti, and I closed our bed & breakfast on Kauai and moved back to the mainland. It might seem obvious that I would start a business building websites, offering website security solutions and other related services since that’s primarily what I’ve done for almost 20 years in the corporate world. But software development (at least in a corporate setting) can be a real burnout job. I can’t tell you how many phone calls I received at 2:30 in...

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This is NOT Our New Website

Yes, our website has been going through a lot of changes lately, and some of you may be wondering exactly what is going on. And yes, technically this is a new website, but it is NOT the new website we’ve been promising for a while now. That’s still coming, and as soon as we have it finalized it will replace this new website. It shouldn’t be long now. But I still haven’t answered the question of “what’s with all the changes?” Well, our business is changing in some pretty significant ways, and we are in the process of updating...

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